"We need businesses and workplaces that are much more human. Our ambition is to work with those who want to shape that change and consciously create the world we want to be in. By reimagining the way we work, live and lead, together, we can achieve more than we thought was possible, for ourselves, our businesses and our society." 

Driven by innovation, reinvention and the power of human connection. 


Hema’s leadership experience in the corporate world is extensive, spanning over 15 years in HR, Talent Acquisition and the Future of Work, across multiple industries including Financial Services, Energy and Technology. Focusing on change in tricky environments is what she does best.  As the former Head of Resourcing, Innovation & Strategy in one of the world’s largest international banks she went on to set up the Banking industry’s 1st Future of Work practice.


Reimagine was born from a desire to redefine how people and work come together to create greater value, be-it big companies, start-ups or as individuals. Today she continues to support the work of not-for-profit and social enterprise startups focused on economic empowerment and leadership, in an advisory capacity.