Who we help

Large companies with legacies that hinder agility, Start Ups looking to Scale Up, Industry leaders who need time and headspace to focus on what’s next.

Co Creating the Future Workplace

We have a tried and trusted process, where we combine niche expertise, with real collaboration to solve complex, strategic problems.  Each challenge and opportunity is unique, so we tailor our approach in a flexible and accessible way, to help you accelerate your journey.

  • Explore the journey collectively from internal and external perspectives

  • Co-create the solution through human centred design

  • Chart the path forward though a clear practical roadmap

  • 3-8 weeks

Get started with North Star Mapping.  Working directly with the leadership team and key stakeholders, we unearth aspirations, spotlight the ambition and align agendas quickly, unlocking the power of a shared vision and a unified approach.

Making headspace 

The world is moving so quickly and at times knowing what’s next is tough. Creating headspace is a powerful way to help you gain clarity and move forwards confidently.  We work with you, guarding the time needed to think strategically, allowing you to respond rather than react.  We help you to create time to think, hold space for introspection and provide constructive and insightful challenge. 


Perhaps it is a big career decision, maybe a big shift at home making your re-think what works looks like or the demands of your day to day operations are stopping you from focusing on long term business success.  We all face competing pressures from home, work and life in general, so we purposefully take a holistic approach to unlocking full potential.


If you are...

  • faced with a situation, challenge, decision or possible opportunity that you need to work through

  • unclear on how to move forwards, feel stuck or simply don’t have the time or headspace you think strategically 

  • want to make a change and create a shift 


We can help through...

  • Leadership coaching

  • Team coaching 

  • Career coaching


Person centred, transformational coaching is a powerful conversation based approach that focuses on taking you from where you are to where you want to be.


Get started with a confidential discovery call where we can discuss the challenges that matter the most.

Uncovering ideas

Taking you out of the day-to-day to be inspired by external perspective. We know ideas, perspectives and experiences are often left untapped, and so we take you out of your environment to spark imagination, through keynotes, inspiration hacks and facilitated discussions.


Bringing experience and storytelling together to provide insight, illumination and inspiration. 


Popular keynote topics include:

  • Business Disruption and The Future of Work

  • Future Fit Culture; Adaptability & Agility 

  • The Future of Diversity & Inclusion 

  • Hiring for Tomorrow’s World of Work 


Get started with a keynote, bringing an outside perspective inside your business.